Hey guys. 

This is my homepage about my music on Spotify, Youtube, Instagram and Fiverr.

My Studio setup:
This is my Studio setup. I record all my drum covers with this kit.I have a 14x6.5 snare drum, 10x8 and 12x10 rack toms, a 16x14 floor tom and a 20x16 bass drum. I play Zildjian, Zultan and Istanbul Cymbals. I play a 14'' K Hi hat, two 20''Istanbul crash, a 18'' K crash, a Zildjian 8'' stack, a 8''K Splash and a 12'' Zultan China.

My live performance kit and also my first one I ever had:
This is my first real setup I've ever had. It was a ,,Tama,, drumset. I played a 20" Bassdrum, a 14x5" Snare drum, a 14x10" Racktom, a 14x10" Floor tom, a 16x12" Floor tom, 8x10"/10x12"/12x14" concert toms and a 18x16" Gongtom.
I played a 14"-Custom Hi-Hat, a 16"&18" A-Custom Crash, a 20" Istanbul crash-Ride, a 14" Paiste pst5 Hi-Hat, a 14" Zultan China Crash and a 18" Sabian Crash.
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