My name is Gianluca, I'm 18 Years old and I'm from Switzerland.

I grew up in a little city next to Zurich, where i am living right now.

I don't have any sibling, so i had all the attention from my parents.


My music career:

My music career started at the age of six. i had my first drum lesson. WOW! The start was pretty cool. But my teacher wasn't interested in what I've done in the lessons. That was the point where I switched to another teacher. In the first lesson I learned the beat of  "We will Rock you" by Queen. He was younger than my first teacher and also cooler. At the age of eight I had my first live performance in front of 40 people. I was so nervous. I played the song "House of Jazz" by ACDC.

Then I learned more about popular bands like; Metallica, Guns n Roses, ACDC, Queen etc. I started to like hard rock and metal. This was the first genre i learned to play on the drums. I really loved the song "one" by Metallica. The double bass part is insane.

A couple years later I learned more about other bands like; Imagine Dragons, Paramore, lenny Kravitz, etc.

At the age of 12 I had my second live performence. I played the song "American Women" by Lenny Kravit. It was so cool and so funny. 

During secondary school I learned more about the band Imagine Dragons. Imagine Dragons became my favourity band. I really love their style and their songs. At the age of 14 I got into the confirmation band. We prepared six months for a performance in the church. We were a group of 5; one guitarist, one on the keys, one on the bass, a singer and me on the drums. We learned the songs "Our god" by Chris Tomlin, "Way down we go" by Kaleo, "awesome God" , "10'000 reasons" by Matt Redman, "Believer" and "Radioactiv" by Imagine Dragons. The cool thing about the ,,Radioactiv,, performance was, that we also did their tom bridge. During this bridge the confirmands walked out of the church to greet their families after the performance. We had two shows wich had 800 guests.

In the following summer of 2017 I've started my apprenticeship as a chef. In the middle of my apprenticeship I've realized that i don't have time any more to go to my drum lessons. After three months of not playing the drums I missed the feeling of the drums and the sticks, etc. At this point I started my YouTube channel called "Smart drum covers." I named the channel "Smart drum covers" because I recorded my drum covers with my Samsung Galaxy s9. So where the "smart" was coming from. Two months later I had the opportunity to speak with a live drummer. I asked him, if he'd knew any platforms for musicians to get a bandroom. He said yes. He gave me the opportunity to get in his own studio. 

I've got new drumkits, mics and a recording software.

This was one of the greatest things in my life.

I made new covers. I've learned more about drums. I got more creative than ever. I learned more about Instagram, I had a new feed and a brand new content.

Some months ago, collisiondrumsticks started to contact me and gave me the application for an endorsment. Well, at first I thought it was a joke, but then I realized that they were serious. I am really proud of that. I really want to say thank you, to the whole team.

Two months later, I made adverdtisement on a musicians plattform to get in a band. Two days later a band called lone dynasty contacted me to know more about my drum skills and about myself. One month later I got into the Band.

For upcoming things i will inform you here...

Songwriting Project:

At the age of 16 i've started writing songs.

When i write and produce a song, I feel free and I forget all the shitty stuff in the world. I really forget my work, the pain in my head and heart, the shit I've seen and all the bad things in the world.

Now i have a library of 40 written textes and i'm happy to produce them!!!

Stay tuned for this guys...